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The Mind Jams is a community and forum for the leaders, researchers, writers, builders, designers, change makers, and investors shaping and reimagining the built and cultural worlds of tomorrow.Guests include leaders shaping the future of commercial real estate, architecture, finance + capital allocation, urban planning, design, philosophy, psychology and religion.Each bespoke experience is a unique, emergent and dynamic conversation and inquiry where we create a forum for peer learning and meaningful dialogue around the ideas, possibilities and new choice making that is emerging at the edge of the now as we find our way forward in a liminal and rapidly changing ecological, economic financial and political landscape.


Conversation is the womb of human connection, collaboration and culture making. It's where great ideas are born and nurtured into possibility. Thoughtful dialogue has always been of central importance to a healthy civil society, they provide the space for humanity to gather, explore and imagine the path forward together.In our digital first world finding the spaces for civic conversations can be difficult. In our media saturated society of the spectacle we often participate in experiences as spectators, armchair digital commentators or passive consumers.As the consequences of our We saw the need for something richer and deeper. And so we created a space where friends both old and new could connect, discuss, deliberate and act on the ideas and values that matter.

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